Me and a mate Luke put the engine and gearbox into the car tonight over a box of woodstock and corona, driveshaft is all bolted up aswell.

Cut dash to suit the cage and came up pretty good considering i just took to it with a sabresaw, ive just got get rid of the last bit of sound deadning and wire a few things up inside then i can put my seats back.

Its good to have something done and have some more inspiration, started mocking up ideas for where intercooler/radiator are gonna sit aswell. Vmount seems to be pretty easy. Have a couple dudes who can tig some new/mod the tanks onto my intercooler to suit.

Also been busy making things out of fibreglass over the last month, this is the first bonnet vent out of my mould ready for sale. I think it came up pretty good 😀 If anyone else is keen just let me know and we’ll work something out. Have also made a mould off my dmax roof wing and origin stylish sideskirts. Just waiting on more gelcoat/supplies before i can make some more.


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