so i headed a different direction again with the car,

basically went for a tune and to get it running happy again was missing and doing weird temps,
got that all fixed and on the dyno ran it and could hear massive exhaust leaks turns out the manifold had cracked – stainles…

a decision had to be made before i put the car back on the trailer to home

so i decided to ditch all the complicated jdm bits for something more race and simple less wiring and controls,

its been there for 2 weeks now,

taken off –
jic manifold
apexi intake
z32 afm
power fc
tomei dump pipe
blitz boost controller
blitz boost gauge
factory wiring

going in-
link G4 Extreme and custom wiring,
sinco t2 topmount manifold
new dump pipe
new intake

going to try and hide the wiring and a few other bits to keep it looking tidy

also making a mould for my bn sports kit just incase!


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