Oh so close

So while max wants to hump something and have a kid ive been busy at work on my car getting it ready to start/ready for up coming d1 season. Spent the last few nights going through and hooking everything up, washing out my oil cooler and lines of any old oil and metal filings from when the bearing spit the dummy in the old motor. Although its just a stock s15 motor with steel h/g im hoping itll do the job for atleast a season while i save up to build my next engine setup.

Some pixels

I brought a grill a few weeks back aswell off a mate mike, took some hassling but i get this!

its nothing special, just a stock s14 grill but i like it alot more than the honeycomb style ones


Hopefully have car running this week, theres a drift day out at the track that i think max is going to but i doubt my car will be tuned by then..getting a hydro handbrake this week off my boys matt n jase sellers so thatll be something else to get used to. So close!



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5 responses to “Oh so close

  1. waz

    whats the size and offset on the Bersalgio’s dude have u got a full set? I bought some from japan 18 9.5 and 10.5 +19 but unsure if im going to run them on my car yet if not might sell them

  2. Wow i finally stumbled on ONB4IL. Seen killer pics of the the when it was still red, always wanted to know more about it. Glad i found this blog !

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