It lives!

After meeting up with max at the dmnz drift day on friday and spending the day on the track i gave me abit of motivation to get my car finished.

So after abit of a muck around last night me and my mate luke managed to get my car running 😀 stoked that weve finally got around to it! Runs like crap though, but thats a minor detail haha i have to change my stuffed lead and that should sort it hopefully.

All ive gotta do now is wire up the vct, scrub the floor with steel wool and turps to remove the residue from the sound deadning and go get a tune.

Picked up my hydraulic handbrake on friday aswell so thatll give me something else to hook up if i get bored

While its away getting tuned im gonna mould my front guards so its no biggy if i stack it, ive got the old s13 guards aswell that i might fix up and mould aswell just incase i have a change of heart 😉


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