It lives part 2

Got the dude who did my cage (Mark from Proworx) to come out and plug his laptop into my car seeing as new leads didnt solve my car running on 3cylinders. After checking injector pulses and all that to make sure it was all sweet we rewired my coils and away it went, instantly ran better but still had a stutter when i went to hold it at revs. Solution – New coils.

Have brought, New bosch leads, since i unknowingly decided to play fetch with one of my old ones haha and 2 new banks of mitsi coils. This should sort me out/rule out any spark issues in the future.

Marks pretty keen to help me out this year with custom fabrication and general mechanical side of things that i havent done before like motor rebuilds etc. Pretty sure were gonna build up a block thats sitting in my shed so ive got a solid motor for if the s15 motor says goodnight.

Started installing my hydraulic handbrake tonight, messy job but pretty straight forward. I might take some photos so that you guys who dont know what to do can do it yourself/get an understanding of how to do it.

Oh and sussed a tune for late next week 😀


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