heres lots of pics the last couple of drift days ive been too and the slightly new stance the cars sporting, cambers down to -2 in the back so i can actually use most the tire, mainly due to the rear gaurds i need to find genuine 50mm ones so i can pull it right out to 0 camber and lower it back down without rubbing as much

new alignment feels awesome though! took it for a little drive out of town yesterday

still need to upgrade the fueling system on the car but that wont be for a while as im still trying to get to as many days as possible aswell as the upcoming d1 season here

the kits pretty scruffy atm so ill paint the sideskirts atleast soon when the cars in storage



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3 responses to “slacking!

  1. Adrian Rivers

    Hey man where aboutsw did you get the pictures from manfield from. I was at that event and cant find pictures anywhere

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  3. Top 3 S13 in the Southern Hemisphere !!

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