Been busy mucking around with my front end steering/suspension setup lately. Awhile ago i fitted a set of Tomlin power knuckles (same as max’s) but was having issues with the wheels hitting the castor arms (18×10 upfront = not that awesome). So the other week i took my lower arms to Proworx to get them lengthened, pretty happy with how they came out, just have to cut the lower lip off them next time i take them out/take my car back to get tubs done and some other bits and pieces. Lower arms ended up being 20-25mm longer than factory.

Put them in and found that my rackends were too short still (had already changed them to longer U11 wingroad items) so brought some Nissan sunny ones which were another 25mm longer again. My 18x10s still just touch the castor arms but I have alot more lock than had before.

Hopefully come into possession of some 18x9s sooner than later so i can get the full lock possible with these knuckles. Need to raise the front of the car 10 or so mm so i can dial some camber out as its got a tad to much now, that and i had to go to a 40 profile tyre because it kept popping off the bead. So need some more clearance 😦

 Looking at going to my first drift day in over a year on the 19th of Feb here in taupo and possibly D1NZ the following weekend pending how everything goes, expecting some teething problems. Ive changed quite abit so we’ll see!



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