Dmnz 19/2/11

Went drifting on saturday, bailed a couple times but nothing major really. Toe arm was only wound in by 2 threads so when i came off it ripped the rose joint clean out of the toe arm, couldnt find a spare so wound it in to were it was and welded it in place, atleast now il only have to adjust one side when getting an alignment haha I was abit anxious about using my new knuckles and that but they were piece of piss to get the hang of. Real happy with them! I managed to get the hang of the track in my first proper outing once i picked my sack up. The second time i went off something happened and now it doesnt want to run right. Pretty sure some petrol got into the sump some how maybe. Going to drain oil today and replace with fresh stuff anyway. Ripped my kit the first time i came off and only just got it all tied up when the car decided to run like balls.

Pics thanks to Keisuke:

 And another i found on fb:

Should have a video put together within the next day or so thanks to dallas who was filming me, waz and someone else.

I will go through my camera when i get a chance to check out the photos we got and upload some pics of other people from the day

Big Thanks to Proworx Automotive for helping me get my car ready for the track and Dtech for the tune on my car. Thanks again guys!

I need more power!!


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