Round 4 D1NZ

After having an alright day at the last dmnz day here in taupo after ironing out all the teething problems, i figured it would be rude to not attend the 4th round of the D1nz 2010/11 season. It is my home track after all!

After a few good practise runs and an action packed day with jake jones catching my mate jacobs s13 on fire we finally got around to the qualifying runs.


I missed out on getting all 3 qualifying runs as i was waiting for tyres to get put on 😐

After thinking i had missed my chance at qualifying i started to pack up and removed my overalls, only to hear over the loud speaker that i had qualified 14th! Super stoked with this as it was my first ever competitive event and there were a fair few good drivers. So i must of done something right? haha

In my top 16 battle i came up against No. 3 driver Carlos Walters, he drives the 350kw Yellow R33 coupe in Matts write up on speedhunters here

Being my first EVER battle i was abit anxious but figured the worst that could happen is smack into something.

I was chasing first and managed to stay pretty close to his rear bumper but, as ive learnt now is that if you have your window down and visor up. You will get shit in your eyes haha So pretty much stuffed that run up 2/3 of the way through. My lead lap was good so im told and had the advantage in the fact that i was quite fast through the mid section. Wasnt enough though and Carlos took the win, leaving me with my 14th place which is fine by me. Thanks again for the experience dude 🙂

That pretty much all i have to say about my weekend at D1, sorry about the novel. I only meant to say a few words and post a pic. Seems im still tryna comprehend the weekend that was haha

Thanks to Matt for the photo (hopefully more to come! photo jew!) and a HUGE thanks to Mark at Proworx for helping me get the car ready in time. Wouldnt of happened without you.



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2 responses to “Round 4 D1NZ

  1. You did really well man, your driving has come along way in the last few years.

  2. good driving, keep it up, car looks very cool

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