Mixing it up

Little update before i post a picture of whats happening next.

I attended the final round of d1 rookie at hampton downs a few weeks back, i thought i drove like ass but according to others i was doing alright. Managed to place 11th overall as went up against alu nathan, his car is so light and fast its unbelieveable! to cut a long story short i lost my battle but thats ok, maybe next time haha

In more recent news, i  had my engine setup for sale on trademe.co.nz (smaller version of ebay etc) i stated that i didnt want to sell till after my birthday in june. Didnt have many offers or anything then out of the blue this guy wants me to ring him so he can ask some questions. Thought yea whatever must be a timewaster but il ring him Saturday night anyway, turns out hes dead keen and wants to come down that night/first thing in the morning :O (My motor was still in the car haha) so after work on Sunday night/monday morning i took to my poor car with a bunch of tools and ripped out my sr20 that had served me so well since getting it running beginning of the year.

I had already had plans on mixing things up this year so had planned something beforehand but just needed money, So within an hour of getting the money from my motor i left taupo and headed on the 7hour round trip to auckland and back to pick up my new engine/gearbox.

1JZGTE out of Mark Brant from Blinks Fc Rx7 want to have it going and tuned by my birthday in less than a months time :S Heres hoping!



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3 responses to “Mixing it up

  1. marcussssssssss

    He sell you the kkk27 with it?

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