I gotta txt from blair just before saying that his car has been stolen.

Has equip style rear wheels 18×9-2, gtr front end w/square headlights, black bride zeta 2 seat, east bear? wing mirrors, bc gold coilovers, redline camber arms and an sr20det in it.


was stolen from wairau valley between last night and this morning.

body was painted purple but door jams, engine bay etc were still champagne

We need to find this car, if you have any information or have seen it or any of the parts around.

Txt or ring me on 0278734903 or Blair on 0210393646



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4 responses to “Stolen

  1. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Not again! Fuck poor guy. Dude has the roughest luck.

  2. Hopefully you guys find this thing, can’t imagine the feeling of walking outside to find your car isn’t there.

  3. 4dori

    Fucking hell this is winding me up aye! Best of luck to him dude, hopefully they fi nd the culprits quick someone needs to break these pricks kneecaps.

  4. marcussssssssss

    Some people are so shit, Seriously….

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