Getting it done BRO

Quick update while im thinking about it haha

Day after i picked up the motor and box were slipped into the engine bay, and the mounts were starting to get made. By the end of the day/next morning the motor was sitting in place and mounts were being finished and painted.

As of today the Garrett GT3076r was mounted – just have to weld a 90* bend onto the outlet for i.c. piping to connect to, Finished moving/making fuel lines today, 80mm throttle body and turbo flange and gasket arrived so Mark spent a few hours modifying my plenum to suit the larger tb. Midmounting the intercooler so that should pretty much remove any lag i may have. Decided to use a 450xsomethingxsomething intercooler that fits perfectly in the space infront of the radiator without having to cut to much of my rad support out, while still having some room for air to get to the radiator. Hopefully the intercooler isnt “too” small for the power im wanting? Should have the intercooler piping finished tomorrow if mark doesnt get busy with other bits and pieces in the shop. This is how it looks at the mo, minus plenum which should be finished tomorrow.

Fuel: Bought some 440cc 2jzgte injetors + rail off a mate to replace the current 370cc injectors that are in it atm, i wanted to buy some ID1000 injectors before my tune but would rather spend that money on a beefier gearbox first.

The things left to do are:

Oil Drain

Reckon i can get it done within a week? 

In other non mechanical news, I have sussed another bonnet to replace my janky one and ive also bought some paint which il reveal in the next post maybe 😉



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2 responses to “Getting it done BRO

  1. marcussssssssss

    Getting shit done, doing the same conversion. no where near as quickly lol. props.

  2. Cheers man, its getting there but cutting it fine to get it running and tuned by this coming friday ahaha

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