Thanks Proworx

Since my last post a fair bit has been done.

Driveshaft has been modified and fitted, Waterlines and oil drain finished, Wiring to the ecu is 96% complete, Sourced twin slimline 10″ fans to fit in gap between motor and radiator, radiator inlet pipe modified and plenum modified and lengthed to suit 80mm throttlebody/midmount intercooler setup. Exhaust is finished and bolted up, sits about 10mm lower than the chassis rails.

Also went for a wander through a rotorua wreckers to try find a throttlecable that would work, ended up finding a nissan pulsar that fits pretty much perfect. Its funny how so many cars i looked at have cut cables to get the motor out. But as soon as you want to buy one they want a fairbit. Cost me $45 which isnt to bad i spose for something i dont have to have modified.

Wont be running and tuned for my trackday on sunday but that doesnt phase me as i know how much work has been put into it the last couple weeks.

My car is getting to a stage now where its a couple wires away from being started. I would just like to take this opportunity to once again thank Mark for taking it upon himself to help me get the best possible result in the fastest time possible. I can safely say it would of taken me a hell of a lot longer to do all of this by myself out on the front lawn!

Didnt get a chance to buy a beefier gearbox as of yet 😦 decided to pay off a few bills first like my paint and bought a new bonnet that i should have this weekend

Along with a pair of wheels i got in the same container.

Getting pretty excited  😀


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