Non JZ update

Something not engine related  😯

Decided i may aswell tidy the car up sooner than later so i asked adam/joel if he would sell the bonnet off the s14 adam had in japan, sure enough joel said hey to a wall over there and adam was given a pfl to transfer some bits into. Leaving the s14a front and bonnet un-needed. So, i brought it to replace my one 😀

I also got some wheels in from japan on the same container aswell as id said earlier, they’re abflug 18×10.5 -25, they’ll sit 3mm in than my koenigs so they should make for some good spares!

My paint also arrived the other day and im so stoaked at how it looks in person, doesnt really photograph well as it goes from a light dusty gold to a dark gold. Looks more like the first pic compared to second but you get the idea. Way more metallic than i was expecting but so awesome  😀 You can see the difference below

I should hopefully have it painted before the end of the year. Would of been sooner but decided to go do this welding course  😐

Also have some eastbeers coming in from japan in the next month to replace my ganadors along with a bn sport front bumper.


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