Been slack lately with updates so il just dump a whole heap all in one. I held a drift day with the help of my mate/part time mermaid Dan Teeboon, the day went awesomely well with minimal issues. Thanks again to everyone that went along, made it a wicked day knowing that pretty much everyone knew each other.

On the JZ front, its all running and got it tuned at DTECH in Tauranga 🙂 In the 2 times ive had cars there Dave who owns the place has always been super helpful and once again am really happy with the result. Managed to get 304kw & 450nm on 14psi 7000rpm so barely pushing it. Made full boost at 3700, 8psi at 3000rpm! 

..But there was a couple of things he recommended i do before i start pushing it/taking it to track days. One being that my intercooler is blocking off too much air to the radiator/its too small for air to be cooled down properly so its entering the engine alot hotter than it should, kinda guttered because all the work that went into making sure it fit in there nice and snug, plenum was also modified to suit. So not as easy as just making it front mount setup again, i liked the mid mount idea because it kept it out of the way. Were going to see if we can move the intercooler forward 40mm (limited space because of the s14 headlights), make up some ducting to go to the radiator and have a custom core made up that will be longer lengh wise as we cant fit a standard 600mm wide i.c in there. My injectors were also tapped but i knew that was going to happen as they are only standard 2jz items, they were a cheap upgrade though being 440cc so i cant really complain. Will be getting ID1000s along with upgrading fuel system when money allows. Gearbox also blew up hahaha not on the dyno, but driving it out onto the street to put it on the trailer it just fell to pieces and wont move in any of the gears.

I am kind of over spending money on the car lately and knowing its becoming less and less streetable/becoming a competition car, id like a nice car with full interior. Its been over 4 years since ive owned a car without a cage/full useable interior..i thought about buying a jzx81 and putting my motor setup in it. Dreams are free haha

Il leave you with a little clip of the car on the dyno:


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  1. Raymond

    Just get a smaller intercooler core.

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