New Addition

picked up this corolla 2 or so weeks ago its a blast to drive!

lowered on cut springs on 13x6s for now,  jesus nana spec version 1..

got it home first thing I did was degreased the crap out of everything, lubricated all the hinges and doors and pulled the interior out.

I was a carpet layer so I replaced the carpet and am still working on recovering the seats,

got some jif and some elbow grease onto all the door panels and vinyl most of it came up really good! new corolla, haha.

had a proffesional cut and polish from a mate of a mate it actually made a huge difference.. maybe you cant tell, but I can! 30 yr old paint!

the 4k is suprisingly allgood! sounds like a dogbox in 1st and 2nd and gets loose in the wet if u throw it!

new wheels are ordered and looking at some other little bits and peices but my main focus is photography and a bit of fun drifting for now,

plans are either a 4age, 3sge or sr20det all pretty stock id imagine basic and easy 🙂

if you have an ae86 diff setup let me know!

heres how its sitting as of 5 minutes ago

People keep telling me to find a quad headlight conversion but i think ill stay with the squares and try and clean them up – i like the box look!

The cars in pretty good nick theres stuff all rust and the chrome bumpers are pretty dam straight too!


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