Call it what u call it

all adjustable coilovers, wheels, brakes, knuckles and braces are in/on , still sorting out fitment, height and a decent alignment over the next week!

for ur information this is all s13 suspension knuckles and brakes up front ( had 4 pots gone back to single until the motor is swapped and smaller front wheels ) fits really easy ke70 lower arms with new balljoints. new tie rods and the booster fits straight in with no modding at all required! stops on its nose

next step diff, s15 seats and nolathane bushes



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5 responses to “Call it what u call it

  1. Oneurt

    Can I get some pic’s of the front end ?

  2. 4dori

    Looks amazing boy working quick! Are the work superlights or watannabe? what are the offsets? Please Please do a 4age or 3sge conversion not sr haha

  3. maxfouhy

    there custom so just what they are called hyperlights lol. think i went a little wide on the back! oh well ill sort that soon enough :O
    15×9 – 12, 15×9.5 – 3 195 45s all round. sr seems best bang for buck! 3sge or 4age would be cool too i guess as i daily this car everyday

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