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6 responses to “Bob

  1. This thing is fucking rad man. Good work !

    • maxfouhy

      not mine dude! but thanks haha. looking to build one or two in the future will put them on the blog!

      • Oh shit. I need to get mine finished.


        Oh and ill let you know on that s13 headlight. Im really looking for a set of bricks.

  2. haha at the shovel..!! i just got mine so pics n build will be on soon.. get bricks man bugeyes are ugly

  3. Yea dude! Post it up. I actually used the head of the shovel for the seat and put the front fender on the back. I also found an old chrome hd sportster headlight and threw it on there too. Its comming along pretty nice. Ill post some pictures up soon.

  4. max

    haha thats raw good idea tho! keen to see it. i pick mine up this week gonna hardtail asap.. spring seat tidy wiring n sack the front lol its not a fast bike anyway. wat model is urs? ive got an xs250 cos iv got my learner licence

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