ZC Trackday teaser

Some of you may or may not know but i ran a trackday on the 17th (september)as abit of a shakedown to test my car, seeing as i dont have a licence atm it was the first time EVER that i had driven the car with the 1jz in it. Im officially in love with toyota for building this engine! Its completely different to anything ive ever driven, Thanks to the midmount intercooler setup its at full boost by 3700 which made it very fun to drive haha it also think it sounds amazing 😀

Needless to say i had a whole heap of fun, backed my car into a tyre stack in the first half of the day, bending my exhaust in half and possibly bending my exh manifold. This Meant that my down pipe was hard against the steering rack. Mark from Proworx, Toby Jon and myself were hard at work trying to get it back out there to make the most of the day. A few hours later after cutting the exhaust just under the swaybar and smacking a big “clearance” dent in the downpipe we were good to go.

Anywho, for now il leave you with this pic taken by Chris Smith from FRESHLY WHIPPED.co.nz..cheers again man this pic is awesome

I will post up again in the near future with pics from my camera that my girlfriend Sam/Royces girlfriend Alex took along with pics from other media that were there on the day. Stay tuned! Im sure Max will have an awesome vid lined up aswell.

p.s. i think Max misses his s13 now haha



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3 responses to “ZC Trackday teaser

  1. Awesome day bro! Enjoyed it. Your car pumps out some savage smoke. Looking forward to the vid. Hopefully some of the go pro stuff is useful.

    • Cheers dude im glad you enjoyed yourself! makes it more worthwhile when you get comments like that. Yea the cars fun as to drive now to say the least haha did you have any footage of me? or have you given it to max?

  2. Awesome day man! Cant wait for the next one. Your cars my new inspiration haha

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