I now have my old Red bride pros from the s13 mounted and it feels a bit more racecar! put the seat cover back over and looks factory without dirtying my seat 🙂

The B1600 Diff has almost been finished, was more stuffing around than i realized – gone to s13 rear 4stud disc brakes with incorporated handbrake and had to machine a few bits and pieces / spacers to clear the bigger spigot bearing etc.
once thats ready and in my hands ill pull the 4k out and start mounting the SR20. Get the mounts and gearbox tunnel finished. Then measure the driveshaft and get that made to suit it will be a frankenstein of a SR front yoke, a ke70 center with a b1600 diff end.

Once the diff goes in it will pull each back wheel in 25mm which is a good thing as I over did the width a wee bit (15mmish) so ill add some reinforcing to the rear gaurds and tidy them and run a small slip on to clear the new disc brakes

Wiring seems to be pretty straight forward and Ive started to deloom the SR20 wiring, will get some in detail pics of what plugs you dont need as there seems to be a lack of info on the net about DE wiring diagrams, hopefully help someone else doing the conversion sometime.

Really stoked with this car right now its so much fun to drive, great stereo, can get over all sorts of bumps and driveways! and should be a lot more economical / smoother in car – after the SR goes in.

Lets hope it drifts well! with 160hp – ish it imagine it will be a wicked street / track car


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