Manfield preparation

Its that time again where some of  NZ’s best drivers converge to D1nz’s first round of the season. This year its at manfield raceway in a little town called Feilding (i was actually born here 😮 )

I decided a week or so after the ZC trackday that id have ago at competing in this years D1 ‘Pro Am’ group. This group is aimed at bringing the next possible big gun drivers up to scratch. With each Top 3 or so from each season being put into D1 if they feel up to it.

Anywho, id like to post saying “Cars been ready for weeks” but reality is, that just doesnt happen in mine and alot of other drivers, world. Fact is; my car is still missing an exhaust and alot of other little niggly things that i just havent had a chance to do because I havent had the tools or space or have merely been to slack to get along with it until now.

Dropped car off at Proworx at 6pm tonight, and will be going along there tomorrow morning to lend a hand a make sure everything is up to scratch. Fluids, suspension check, wiring amongst some of it.

I dont know what it is about events and the lead up to them but i always find it abit of a buzz (not at the time) thinking  “oh hell, that needs to be done aswell” Guess it just makes the day more enjoyable knowing that you actually made it there haha

No pics from me atm as my camera is still at a mates place but heres hoping i get everything sorted for this weekend! Staying with Max so i might actually get my helmet back!


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