Round 1 – Brakes and Stuck throttles

Took the car drifting at D1 over the weekend, pretty shit really. Track was crazy wet with puddles about 50ft deep and abit of oil out there didnt really help the situation etc Max has got footage of Daynom coming through and can actually see his car aqua plane real bad.

 Had never driven the track before and probably should of eased into it but ohwell, first corner is fun beginning of the day was pinned in 4th but found it hard to slow down in time might of been different in the dry so just ended up doing it in 3rd which was way slower ;| Had about 6 or 7 laps in total before qualifying which wasnt to great.

First qualifying run i wasnt to happy with, but got told i got a 0 because i drove around the entire track instead of cutting in on my warm up lap. Second lap i was happy as with but then coming into the switch for the last corner had to much angle and didnt make the next corner so was pretty guttered with that. Third lap had an alright entry, into the second corner i took my foot off the gas to handbrake and noticed the car was still revving at 5000 rpm, dropped clutch and pushed it in again and went to 7000rpm damn throttle was stuck open. Got put through to top 16 though as the 2 people that had placed equal 16th had mechanical problems and my runs would of been sweet if not for those small issues.

 In my chase lap i couldnt see a single thing, like a tsunami coming at me so went off the track, Lead lap i had it sussed but alas..coming into the last corner i handbraked to slow down and get a better angle when i noticed i could only pull the handbrake halfway which more or less straightened me up, tried to pull it again and there was nothing. Brakes were jammed up as the main vacuum line off the booster had melted and sucked itself shut which resulted in me going straight off the track and down into the tyres. Smashing the front of my bonnet, my headlights and the front of one of my guards. Radiator support is bent back along with the top chassis rail that your guard bolts to.

 Ultimately just guttered that my bonnet and lights are broken. Bonnet is repairable but lights arent, going to get some fibreglass covers made up for now till i can afford replacements. As for the front im tossing up between cutting it infront of the strut towers and welding on another s13 front to keep it the same or seeing what the legalities are of having tube front end. If i can still have it road legal with tube front then il go down that route. Got rest of the week off work till friday so will get my guard and bonnet fixed up at some stage. All in all a pretty crap weekend drifting wise, but afterparty was mint and just happy that this vacuum line was brought to my attention before pukekohe round, otherwise it could of gotten really messy!

Sorry about lack of photos didnt take a camera and any action shots would of been crap anyway haha il try to find a camera and get pics of damage



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3 responses to “Round 1 – Brakes and Stuck throttles

  1. st3althr

    Feeling for you bro, having to replace my rad support etc soon.
    Cant have done to bad to get to the top 16, Good luck with repairs.

  2. Tube front ends should be allowed in my opinion.

  3. Pretty disappointed with my driving but i spose that comes hand in hand with it being wet and having never driven the car on that track before.

    Tube fronts are allowed as long as its forward of the strut towers im pretty sure, Few of the guys have gone ahead with this.

    Managed to pull majority of the damage out this morning which im pretty stoked about. Im just going to beat on the car til the end of the season and then replace the front if need be to get it road legal again

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