Where Im At

So this is my engine bay so far, It was quite a journey, started with hammering the gaurds for more lock and lower as I didnt want to muck new paint up later, bog and sanding the whole bay back. Then 2 coats of beige primer, 2 coats of solid white, 4 coats of the yellow and finally a couple coats of clear.

Ive also made the motor and gearbox mounts just custom to use the SR standard motor and gearbox mount,

Made a cutout for the radiator support panel

Plans from here are…

-Put motor and gearbox in with wiring attatched drill firewall for SR loom
-Get the filler neck sorted on the AE86 fuel tank and bolt that in
-Run new fuel lines for efi
-Mount radiator / hoses
-Paint front panel / underseal front gaurds
-Sort Clutch pedal and master out, not sure if I will be using the Standard pedal and modding yet..
-Make a gearbox panel for the interior as the whole is huge
-Get it all wired, oiled and start tidying things up once its all running right

Unsure of how im going to do the speedo yet but I need it to get it road registered

lots of other little bits going on too not quite the simple task Id assumed!


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