Bein Busy


Heres the twin headlight swap, still missing a bonnet, bumper endcaps and supports then it all needs to be straightened bogd and painted matched to the old yellow.

Motor is chilling right now,

got a few things on the go/ left to do

so heres my list..

– new exhaust stud
– paint rocker cover
– full 2.5 inch exhaust
– clutch pedal bracket
– rear axle loose
– new bonnet cable ( hit old one with grinder 😦
– mount bride
– extend panhard bracket ( b1600 diff is in fits mint with s13 rear brakes mounted but panhard fouls on the diff atm)
– axle has slop / loose need to pull out and fix
– make spacers for dropping the steering column
– finish brake lines for hydro and shortening / tidying
– tidy and reinforce front and rear gaurds for new wheels
– paint gaurds , bonnet etc
– paint all wheels
– tidy everything.
– wiringgg

pic of how its sitting


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  1. st3althr

    Looking good

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