Not much of a Car Update, More Hipster

So my car is at a friends place getting all the little final bits welded, sorted and the wiring started. its looking pretty sad panelwise right now but hopefully that will change sometime soonish if I get some spare $$

Had to revert to b1600 drums on the back as there was just no possible way to make the calipers work with the chassis at the height I want. thats ok I hear they work just fine ( hydro hbrake shouldn’t be a problem either ).

Purchased my first ‘fixie’ fixed gear to ride to corse and gym mainly, might trick it out with a few little bits n peices.
also got a new downhill Mountain bike as a xmas present to myself ( mainly my contribution :(, ) haven’t got this yet but can’t wait to get my hands on it and take it down some beginner slopes in wellington

soo the fixie will get some style upgrades and the mountain bike will stay stock minus maintaining and some new dirt tires

pics of the bikes ( pics off google but it is the same year models except my fixie is bigger and the hammer is matte black- from factory )




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