Long time no see

Yea im useless i know, just dont seem to find the time/have nothing useful to contribute majority of the time haha.

My car was going strong but decided i wanted more of a ‘street’ friendly car, so bit the bullet and decided it was time to sell/part it out. Its still sitting in the shed but am waiting for someone to come and take it off my hands.

Whats next then? Im going to ‘build’ an r32 sedan, wanted to do it properly seeing as i never really got the chance with my old one. Plans are gtr front bumper w/lip, square headlights, coupe boot conversion and some r34 gtr wheels and some others for random track days. Got over the buzz of competition drifting, as fun as it was i cant afford to keep going the way im going. Atleast this way i can pay off my debt and have a nice car i can take away on trips etc. Engine choice is tbh.

For now tho, pretty much my main inspiration at this point:




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2 responses to “Long time no see

  1. hey man, very keen on some of the parts on that dx if thats what your talking about. please txt or call 022 632 6932 09 827 9906. cheers, johnnyblz

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