Sedan life.

Just to keep the ball rolling i may aswell inform ya’ll of the progress thats been going down at Proworx.

Since dropping it there around a month ago quite abits gone down in the drivetrain department, main thing being that it actually has an engine and gearbox now haha originally i considered putting in a stock rb25det or sr20det but decided to use the 1JZ and R154 out of my s13 😉 may seem abit OTT for a street car but it was lying around and thought hell why not.


Heres a pic of said interior


Couple weeks ago my new seats, gauges and steering wheel arrived


Was sick today so by the time i pulled myself out of bed i thought i may aswell go around and chuck some bits n pieces in while i had the time.

Here is how the car sitting at the mo:

Drivers seat and steering wheel


Bought some 19×10 +18 Model 5s off my Mr. Boyce


Really want some 18″ Model 5s for the front but thats all pending if he’ll sell the other pair to me or not.

For now though i got some 18×9 +6 SSR Viennas, il either sell these or run them as skid wheels for trackdays


As for the kit, im not to sure what i want yet. Like to stray away from BN Sport or Vertex, original plan was to get gtr front bumper, vertex or fk sides and some trust end caps. Changing the boot/lights to coupe ones also for something different..that should keep you entertained till i post again haha



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4 responses to “Sedan life.

  1. Go BN man. You won’t regret it.

    • Yea dude ended up with BN, sits about 40mm off the ground at the lowest point. Get some pretty funny looks from people as I drive past haha

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