So after seeing this..

and realising that the spiders doing more work to the car than I was, I figured it was time to go about getting some things together for the neglected R32.

Kind of went against what i wanted to do with the car kit wise, tried to find a gtr bumper but after seeing the amount avaliable (next to none) and the price tag with nothing less than $500 i decided to go with a BN sports kit as i could get a full kit for around the same amount of $$.

A mate of mine Jacob also told me that S13 wing mirrors bolt up to R32 sedan also which i was quite stoked about, considering i had mine for sale and was having a hard time finding some for r32 haha. I also sold my 19″ Model 5s as i figured it wasnt really what i wanted to do with the car, so instead im going to buy a full set of something 18″ in the next couple weeks. Atleast now il be able to go to the track and have wheels to skid on!

Have a new inspiration for this car after seeing this shot of a particular R32..

If i can build a gold version of this id be stoked. The height, wheel fitment and general rawness is awesome.



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3 responses to “Aero.

  1. fdkgarage

    This is looking to be a wicked build bro. Definatli prefer the new inspiration. Keep up the good work

  2. Minus the spoiler I hope.

  3. If you want to run A Bo Moon low, from experience, I would suggest 17’s.

    Car is looking sweet though keep up the good work!

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