Hokey Pokey CREAM

Yea i know im useless, been busy moving citys and over time slowly started losing interest in it. Im considering reshelling into an R33 coupe, caging it and having it ready for next years d1nz season, but until then heres an update:

Since the last photos i sold the BN sports kit (think i posted some?) because I needed the money and I wanted to go lower but realistically couldnt without eating shit everywhere i went seeing as it scraped sideskirts turning around corners.

Car sat at proworx for around a month after i moved to Auckland because there were so many problems with it it wasnt funny. Airleaks in the manifold, Wires falling out of plugs and the master fuel needed to be changed in the ecu because of the bigger pump or something. Something along those lines anyway. Once this was all fixed, Hugo offered to help me pick the car up with Troy and Ali.

The wastegate diaphram was completely toast so had to buy a new 50mm Turbosmart Vband wastegate, and Dave from Blacklabel helped sort for me (Thanks dude) Took car to DKM and Keg welded new flanges etc onto my manifold to suit.

Picked car up and drove it home.

Didnt realise it but while I was driving back to Scotts, the oil drain fitting had giving up the ghost and leaked around 80% of the oil out and onto the road/Scotts windscreen. Just SO lucky I was only going there and not another 40minutes to Clarks beach where i was living at the time, otherwise it would of made for a very expensive anchor.

The culprit

Pretty crazy how a $10 fitting can damn near cost thousands.

Anywho thats all that had happened up until recently where I decided to do some bits.

I bought a factory bumper and replaced passenger side gaurd since the other was fair stuffed from being pulled in by the tyre at speed. Got some brick headlights and bought an s14 steering rack to go in, anyone had pro’s/cons of doing this?

Took turbo off, bought fittings and just waiting on a new piece of braided line for my oil drain. Removed wastegate today and took the 7psi spring out to be replaced by a 14psi one.

Hopefully between now and the weekend i can start to get some work done on it. Holding a drift day on the 6th of October so hoping to have it ready for then.

p.s. paint is shit in person


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  1. Seth

    I love the fact you have a skyline sedan with a JZ in it.. thats my dream setup!

    Good luck with it all man

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